OH WOMAN imparts knowledge with fun and games - and knowledge provides security.

Do you know if vulva and vagina are the same thing? Or whether period blood consists only of blood? Is the egg produced again and again? When do you get your first period?
These questions and many more are answered in a playful way by OH WOMAN®.

OH WOMAN® is the game for everyone who wants to learn more about periods, cycle and body. OH WOMAN® makes talking about your own body fun, easy and, above all, without shame.

The OH WOMAN® game is a wooden game based on the strategy game Kalaha.

Each OH WOMAN® game contains 40 questions and the corresponding answers about periods, the menstrual cycle and the female body. So you spend a good time together and learn something at the same time!


Here we explain step by step how to play OH WOMAN®.: *click*


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What our customers say

Who is behind OH WOMAN?

“Behind OH WOMAN® stands Tania & Steffi.

With OH WOMAN® we revolutionise sex education with fun & games – whether at school or at home. We playfully advocate early education about periods & the female body. It’s a door opener that helps people talk about their own bodies with fun, ease & most importantly, without shame.”

Our cooperations

carpentry Strauch

Every OH WOMAN® game is made in the Strauch carpentry workshop in Aichach, Steffi’s hometown – so every game is unique with a lot of attention to detail.

Ulrichswerkstätten Aichach

The game is packaged by the Ulrichswerkstätten Aichach, which gives people with disabilities a job.

Menstrual Health Hub

The game questions about periods, cycles and bodies are reviewed by Menstrual Health Hub. For every game sold, we support their menstrual health promotion work from June on.


With every OH WOMAN® game sold from August 2020 til May 2021, we’d supported the non-profit organisation periodensystem to provide menstruating women in need with period products. 

Do you work for an educational institute?

We are convinced that the OH WOMAN® game is an important addition to sex education. The knowledge imparted in class through textbooks is deepened with the help of OH WOMAN® with fun & games and promotes dialogue about one’s own body. 
We will be happy to send you a copy on request for a rental fee!