The OH WOMAN® game is a strategic wooden board game with 40 questions about the female body and periods in a modern and easily transportable design. The game is designed for two players aged 10 and up who engage in an intimate dialogue in a relaxed atmosphere. It is based on the game Kalaha and is produced entirely in Bavaria. All questions and answers have been checked by Menstrual Health Hub.

  1. When we think back to the sex education work in our youth, we have the following image in mind: Sweating biology teacher,
    rationally describing sex as the procreative act of children. The class giggles and throws tampons soaked in water at each other.
    If this is how adolescents are educated, then it is no wonder that girls/women and boys/men are not sufficiently educated and know too little about periods and their own bodies.

  2. Even as adult women (25 and 29 years old) we keep coming across facts about our bodies that we were not aware of and make us shake our heads.

Ignorance leads to self-doubt, self-doubt to shame, shame to silence and silence to a growing taboo in our society. It is against this background that we created OH WOMAN®.

  • 48 drops of blood (game pieces)
  • 1 wooden game + rubber band
  • 10 playing cards with 4 questions & answers each
  • 1 game instruction

The game is completely produced in Bavaria.
The wooden game is handmade at the old-established carpenter’s workshop in Aichach (Steffi’s hometown) – each game is unique with a lot of love!
Packaging, playing cards & Co are printed at the Munich printing company Universal Medien.

The game is primarily for all young people between the ages of 10 and 17, their mothers & fathers, legal guardians and people in an educational role (e.g. teachers, midwives, gynaecologists, carers).

Further, the game is for anyone who wants to learn more about the body and menstrual health.

Absolutely! The game is easy for anyone who wants to learn more about the cycle and the body.

The OH WOMAN® game is for two players. However, more players are not excluded, because the game can also be played in two teams – there are no limits to creativity 🙂

Here Tania and Steffi explain in detail in a short video how to play OH WOMAN®: *Klick*

Yes! We stand up against period poverty! For every game sold, we’ll support to the non-profit association periodensystem, which supports menstruators in need.

perioden.system is an association that supports homeless women* and menstruating people in need in Germany and focuses on the promotion of education, especially the promotion of dialogue and education in the field of period poverty. Period poverty is the lack of access to hygiene articles, education about menstrual hygiene, toilets, hand washing facilities and / or waste disposal. But period poverty does not only affect people who do not have a home. One million people cannot afford sanitary products. Since 2016, the activists have been collecting money to buy period and hygiene products for women’s shelters in Berlin. Their low-threshold work keeps shelves filled in the shelters and ends the stigmatisation of people who menstruate.

Ja! Alle Fragen und Antworten sind von Menstrual Health Hub geprüft. 

Menstrual Health Hub macht sich stark für:

  • eine Welt, in der die Gesundheit von Frauen eine Priorität bei der Förderung der Gleichstellung der Geschlechter darstellt
  • die Beseitigung von schlechter oder unzureichender Menstruationsgesundheit und -hygiene (MHH)
  • Sensibilisierung und Stärkung der Menstruationsgesundheit sowie Förderarbeit

OH WOMAN® is currently available in German and English.

No, OH WOMAN® is all about the (female) body and menstrual health.

The great thing about OH WOMAN® – you can play the game, which is based on Kalaha, without asking any questions and simply fill your pad drop by drop 😉